For What Am I Willing To Die?

The argument is now often made that “Christians ought to be willing to allow themselves, and/or their family, to be killed by an Islamic terrorist, to show the love of Christ.”

Well, let me unequivocally say this. I am more than willing to die for MY faith. But, I am NOT willing to die, or allow my family to do so, for HIS faith! And, that is precisely what Islamic extremists are doing. They are killing for their faith and ideological belief system.

I’ve been asked many times why I describe Islam as an “ideology” rather than a mere “religion.” Because Islam is far more than a mere religion. The Shariah Law component of Islam makes it so. There is a judicial, legal, political system within Islam. In other words, Islam dictates ALL aspects of the adherents life. And, not just the individual’s life. Islam dictates the legal, political, judicial life of the nation where it is in the majority. So, it’s far more than a mere “religion.”

As was the case in Germany with the rise of the Nazis (when German Christians refused to see the evil of Hitler), blindness is far too prevalent today with respect to Islamic belief. “Christians” are defending the defenseless by coddling an ideology that, for 1400 years, has always advanced itself via the sword. Additionally, those same believers viciously criticize those of us who like Detrich Bonhoeffer attempt to issue a clarion warning of the approaching evil.

Though I don’t relish the illogical, hateful, and Scripturally absent intolerance that I sometimes hear from well-meaning individuals, I will gladly be the recipient of those misplaced attacks, if it will challenge some to think more Biblically and correctly. And, I will gladly be called unloving, as was Paul in the book of Ephesians, for standing by the truth.

Standing against the unmitigated perpetration of evil against innocents is not unloving! Rather, it is the essence of genuine love. Like myself, many a missionary has spent his/her life telling the good news of the gospel to individual Muslims–dear ones we love greatly. But, loving the individual does NOT mean tolerating the evil ideology in which they’ve become enslaved. No, love addresses that evil belief truthfully.

Again, I say, I AM MORE THAN WILLING TO DIE FOR MY FAITH. BUT, I AM NOT WILLING TO DIE (OR ALLOW MY FAMILY TO DO SO) FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S FALSE FAITH. That’s especially true when that false faith advocates to the killing of innocent individuals–like those in Manchester, England, Paris, San Bernadino, New York, or Washington, DC.

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International/HOPE To The Hill
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

28 thoughts on “For What Am I Willing To Die?

    1. I agree, CHRISTIANS need to stop bowing down without defending themselves because of the round the clock narrative consuming this country, the narrative that we except anyone even if they want to kill us.

    2. I stand by you. Your teaching is the truth. I am a true believer that God helps those who help themselves. He wants us. To Love our enemies by praying for them, but he does not condone evil attacks in His name. Its like an oxymoron.

  1. I am so happy to see this sentiment verbalized and displayed. MN has taken in thousands of refugees and some Somalis have raped girls and gotten off lightly. We need to send back the criminal elements whether documented or undocumented to their countries since they can not and will not assimilate into our society and honor OUR laws and rules.
    Joy d.

    1. Tragic to read about rapes by somali in mn. Never hear about on the news. Incomprehensible that such horror is happening in america.

  2. Arkansas native and Christian at the ripe age of 23. This statement is one of the most inspiring and honest/accurate depictions of the way God wants us to stand against Evil(Islam) and lucifer himself. I saw your website on social media while reading about the billboard on I-40 and I absolutely agree with its message, I’m glad to see that someone has the guts to read the Bible for it true meanings and messages! Keep up the good work(& the billboard) and don’t let others dictate your views or how you get your message across! Remember the real original disciples went through all kinds of backlash but soon enough all will see that the NC pastors association wasn’t the ones to back down to sinful Christ shaming!

    Sincerely Cam!

  3. Your spot on! It’s time for Christians to unite and not be separated by denomination. Preach brother

  4. Well said! And I am in total agreement. Love my country and my faith but I DO want to live and I believe we must take the necessary precautions to keep America safe!

  5. I am in full agreement. Thank you for getting this out!! I live in NY and I am right beside you!!! You spoke the truth. Thank you!
    Deborah G.

  6. When will the Islamic apologists stop making excuses for the barbaric deeds that they commit in the name of “tolerance”?

  7. I agree with you 100%. I’ve died already to sin and am alive unto Christ for eternity. Jesus doesn’t want us to die for Him but, to live for Him. I anxiously await His return while being the watchman He has purposed m e to be. I am willing to tell anyone about the love of God in Christ Jesus but, I’m not willing for them to decide my fate and take my life for an unjust cause. I have sold my cloak so to speak and purchased a sword (self-defense measures). I would to God that all men would be saved and it’s very possible, providing they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord.

  8. President Dave Kistler thank you for articulating the “bottom line” with the actual issue behind the terrorists; false ideology. I truly appreciate your thoughts and I agree with your stated words. We know this is God’s battle, but we must be courageous people to stand firm and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us; ordinary people in extraordinary ways. Wearing The Armor of God and praying for our leaders and Pastors always.

  9. Thank you for this. I am a Christian who has been remiss in practicing. I was jarred into reality and back into prayer when confronted by my own conscience after the events of 10/1/15 when the Umpqua Community College terrorist asked all the Christians to stand. I really battled with myself and still do if I were in a similar situation. You have given me some clarity with my thoughts over my dilemma. Thank you again.

  10. Thank you for the billboard that is gaining attention. It keeps it in perspective of EXACTLY what is going on. It saddens me to what America has become. It also saddens me that people can not see that a certain segment of this world wants to destroy America. This Muslim influx is only to tip of the iceberg of the agenda that some evil power has plotted against us Americans. My blood runs RED WHITE AND BLUE….and your billboard is one more reason I am proud to live in NC.

  11. Thank you for speaking out against political correctness and stupidity. Your ideas and ideals are exactly where they should be. Those who speak against them should go to Manchester, England and see the results of their letting the terrorist family in as refugees from Libya. We don’t want our innocents to be slaughtered for someone’s else’s beliefs Those who profess that we should “surround the terrorist with love” should try going to the Middle East where they would have a greater opportunity. If they chose to give their lives for that, then that’s their choice; it’s not mine and they have no right to force their ideals on us who just want to practice our faith and live without fear from terrorists. Thank you!!

  12. I totally appreciate your willingness to take this stand for our Country. The Anti American PC Liberals would tear away the fabric of all that we hold dear if we let them. This sign makes such a huge statement. It’s only a simple reminder of a monstrous tragedy but yet is drawing criticism. This criticism in itself tells us why it is necessary for us to remind ourselves and others of things that we should keep on the forefront of our minds always.
    In the 50’s the USA banned Muslim Immigration and someone told me the Law is still on the books. How soon we forget.
    Jim S. and Family

  13. I totally agree! As a full hearted Christian, I can honestly say that Christ is the only way! We Christians need to be ready to defend ourselves in any upcoming religious wars against the evils of Islam so that our wives, children, and grandchildren are not enslaved by an ideology that keeps them covered up. Go Christ! Win this war!

  14. thanks for you clarity on muslims i don’t want to ever come in contact with such peoples very hard for me to control my expressing just how much i despise these people .i am currently in face book jail were i spend most of my time.recently met a nigerian missionary he has turned my life around . he confirmed what i have thought there all terrorist at heart but he said we must love them. he will not kill to protect himself . i will no longer hate them nor curse them on face book . nor will i just stand and die with out fighting.i pray GOD will guide me in these matters.

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