Bathroom, Fitting Room and Locker Room Laws Are a Breach of Bible Teaching

We are in perilous days. It does no good for us to know the truth of the Bible and not preach it and practice it.

This is the reminder that the American Pastors Network (APN, www.americanpastorsnetwork.netwants to emphatically send to pastors and engaged believers, especially as they work to navigate an ever-changing culture, one where once-unheard-of laws and policies about who is allowed behind bathroom and locker room doors are now commonplace.

Therefore, in an effort to educate and equip the faith community with the knowledge and tools necessary—especially in regards to complex gender issues—APN has launched anonline toolkit that will provide visitors to the website with a white paper, sample letters and other pieces of information that will arm them with biblical truth.

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“Our government’s foundations were built by men who believed in God,” APN President Sam Rohrer recently wrote for an editorial for “Now, those who are in charge reject God and seek to rule over us in a way that forces humanistic standards of public conduct on us and our children, through heavy-handed regulations and a failed educational system that teaches exactly the opposite of Bible principles.”

Such is the case with what some are calling a “decree” by the Obama administration, Rohrer added, as it extends special rights for those who identify as transgender.

“Instead of allowing us all to do what’s best in our own lives, homes and families, these leaders are set upon a course of systematically destroying the very bedrock of our country—the nuclear family,” said Rohrer. “In the most recent meddlesome, oppressive and destructive social engineering experiment of catering to transgender individuals, the government is stepping over the line and using its power to harm the family. Can a woman or little girl feel safe in a public bathroom when sexually developed men can come into the restroom and watch them or even attack them? Protecting citizens should be the first job of our government, not enabling perversion or potential predators.”

The APN online toolkit addressing these issues include:

  • A white paper titled, “Transgender Identity—Not Accepting God’s Design.”
  • A sample letter that concerned pastors and believers can send to their local legislators.
  • A sample letter for local school board members, as the matter is now permeating public schools.
  • A 500-word sample letter to the editor for newspapers.
  • A list of ction steps pastors can take regarding this issue.
  • A bulletin insert to help educate congregations.

“When a man or woman tries to change the creature born with an XX (male) or XY (woman) marker on every chromosome, that person is still not able to usurp God’s authority,” Rohrer wrote. “Our Western culture has created the science that may make someone look different on the outside—but the transgender ideology is grounded in the idea that the body isn’t an essential part of our being. Gender identity is fluid, and a social construct. A person may identify as a man trapped in a woman’s body, or vice versa. Many transgender people opt for reconstructive surgery so that their identity fits with their body. However, the roles assigned to men and women do not change over time in God’s eyes.

“We are in perilous days,” he continued. “It does no good to know the truth but not talk about it and live it. It does no good to know the truth of the Bible and not preach it and practice it. We say, ‘Pastors, preach in the pulpit. Preach the word of God! Christians, God’s word addresses every issue of life! Tell your friends and neighbors!’ But we can’t speak as if God’s truth is an opinion. We have to speak of God’s word as final—and He is the final judge. Let’s please Him, rather than ourselves, someone down the street, or a God-opposing administration in Washington.”

The scriptural gospel is far better than anything that will come from Washington, Rohrer added, as it makes sense of our humanity and restores our dignity. God’s word calls us to be men and women who see our bodies as gifts—vessels by which we may give glory to our maker and redeemer.

“Remaining silent is not only wrong,” he concluded, “it may well prove to be extraordinarily costly. It may sear the consciousness of the next generation and hasten our national decline. It is the message of God in scripture, and it is the hope of us all.”

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