No Rules, Just Wrong!

There is nothing I love more than a good Outback Steakhouse signature steak. Alongside a good salad, their seared and seasoned method of presenting a ribeye or prime rib is absolutely outstanding. Topped off with the occasional “Chocolate Thunder From Down Under” desert, a meal at Outback is memorable to say the least.

Their incredibly consistent and flavorful cuisine aside, I am troubled by their chosen slogan–“No Rules, Just Right.” Admittedly, what they are attempting to state is that there is no prescribed, or expected, dress code required to participate in their culinary experience. However, their slogan is all too typical of a society that wants absolutely NO BOUNDARIES.

The problem with a culture that wants NO BOUNDARIES is that it runs in direct opposition to a God Who prescribes boundaries for all aspects of life. Whether the discussion is marriage, or national boundaries, God is the Initiator and Establisher of BORDERS.

In Genesis 5, the Scriptures clearly states, “Male and female created He them, and called their name Adam.” In fact, it is from that clarion pronouncement that the practice of a woman assuming the last name of her husband originates. And, it is that relationship (male and female) that God blesses–and that relationship ONLY.

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As a natural extension of the distinct difference that God established when He created male and female, comes the understood, sensible, and traditional practice of privacy and separate bathroom use for men and women. Not until VERY recently has that well-understood norm even been questioned, much less considered a remotely legitimate change.

It is only those who attempt to defy God and His prescribed order who desire to alter this culturally accepted norm. It is precisely the pushing for NO BOUNDARIES in this realm, that places children and women in a position of danger in a sex obsessed world.

Equally disturbing, defiant, and dangerous is the now incessant call for NO BOUNDARIES/borders with respect to our country. A nation is not a sovereign nation without clearly delineated boundaries. A nation cannot long, or successfully, survive without well-guarded and defended borders. Indiscriminately allowing the entrance of, and unmitigated acceptance of, illegals with no legal consequence is not only insane, it is actually a repudiation of God’s prescribed order. Acts 17:26, clearly states that God “sets the bounds of their (peoples) habitations (lands)” and that He does so that they will “seek after Him.”

Plainly put, national boundaries/borders are part of God’s plan. Attempts to eradicate those boundaries is ALWAYS done in defiance of Him. From as far back as the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), globalism has been the attempt of man to dethrone God, and has been met with God’s condemnation. When God confounded the languages of those building Babel, He did so as a direct and dynamic condemnation of their globalist intent.

My friends, God’s attitude toward the globalist mindset has not changed. So, as we move ever closer to November, and the election of a new national leader, we, as believers, MUST factor in where the respective candidates stand on the topic of nationalism vs. globalism.

The bottom line is this. Boundaries/borders are God’s idea–and a very good idea at that. Successful marriages must have requisite boundaries. For children to succeed, they need clearly communicated boundaries. Borders equal safety, security, and success. The lack thereof, whether morally or nationally, equal danger, degradation, debauchery, and ultimately failure.  Simply stated, “No Rules, is Just Wrong!”


Dave Kistler

President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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