Dueling Lawsuits–Obama Dept. Of Justice Now Sues NC!

In response to NC Governor Pat McCrory’s lawsuit against the Justice Department, Obama appointee and Justice Department head Loretta Lynch has responded with a suit of her own.  This Justice Department suit against the state of NC, Governor McCrory, and the University of North Carolina is completely unjustified and is nothing less than an attempt by Obama to “bully” a sovereign state.

Barack Obama is acting as if he is anything but a “lame duck” President.  No, he is unleashing his most rabid attack ever on our beloved land.  This federal vs. state authority contest is the result of the unconstitutional, narcissistic, self-advancing agenda of Barack Obama, and nothing less.  The baseless argument advanced by Obama’s Justice Department–that North Carolina’s HB2 bill is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, is absurd.  The 1964 Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, national identity, race, ethnicity, and SEX.  There is absolutely NO mention in the Act of “gender” or “gender identity.”  The “gross misinterpretation” of the Civil Rights Act is both deliberate and diabolical!  They (Obama and company) know better!  Any constitutional attorney knows better.

If the state of North Carolina and Governor McCrory give in to the school yard bully that is Barack Obama, the entire country will be the loser.  This demonic attack on NC and it’s Governor is Obama’s unjustified and over-reaching attempt to force a state to comply with his liberal, anti-God, perversion-laden agenda.  Again, our Founders would absolutely scream in disbelief, could they see what is happening to my beloved state of North Carolina at the hands of America’s most self-absorbed, big-government, anti-state’s rights, president in history.

These dueling lawsuits set up, perhaps, the largest state authority vs. federal authority battle since the Civil War.  The outright lies stated by Attorney General Loretta Lynch in her afternoon press conference were stunning.  In essence, she blamed everything on the state of NC and it’s courageous Governor, when the exact opposite is the truth.  It was the Obama Justice Department and those on the left who are to blame.  A sovereign state has the constitutional right to determine policies within it’s jurisdiction.  The sheer absurdity that the Justice Department would involve itself in the laws and practices of a state, and that over bathroom use, is unbelievable.  Why does the President not approach foreign policy, national defense, protecting the life of the unborn, etc., with the same attention and energy?

Now, the courts will “decide” on the legitimacy and constitutionality of a state’s laws.  If they decide incorrectly, then federal authority will be greatly strengthened and state authority will be greatly lessened.  Obama will again be emboldened to further unjustly exercise his executive authority.  And, those who stand with sanity, traditionally accepted norms, reality (it is defiance of reality to believe, much less enforce, that an individual born with a biological sex should be permitted to use the restroom of their “perceived” gender) and Biblical authority will be further relegated to the place of being dangerous to society.

So, Governor McCrory and NC legislature, this is your/our line in the sand, across which you/we cannot retreat!  It will take unprecedented courage, but North Carolina MUST NOT succumb to this absolutely illegal Justice Department action!  If NC loses all federal funding, then so be it!  The blessing of God is worth far more than the money that comes from Washington.  Should the Justice Department choose to limit, or end, federal funding to North Carolina, then the state should refuse to confer to the federal government the 18.4 cents/gallon tax on gasoline.  That would more than make up the lost federal dollars.  It’s time for states to stand tall and resist the incessant and unlawful intrusion into their lives by this domineering Obama administration!

Contact Governor McCrory and your legislators today and thank them for standing up for North Carolina!


Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio


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