Leaning on the Shovel, but Expecting a Hole to Appear!

In perhaps his most aggressive and defiant move yet, President Obama plans to declare a national monument in New York City in recognition of the “gay”-rights struggle. “A monument to sin? That’s unbelievable,” Dr. Franklin Graham wrote, of the Obama administration’s announced plans to declare the nation’s first “gay”-rights monument at a Greenwich Village spot loosely known as the birthplace of the LGBT liberation movement. The spot, Stonewall Inn, was a noted “gay” bar and hang-out area that was the site of violent protests in 1969.

Just days ago, when the Obama administration announced intent to declare the area a taxpayer-funded historical national monument, under the umbrella of National Parks Service oversight, Dr. Franklin Graham took to Facebook to excoriate the President’s plan. “War heroes deserve a monument. Our nation’s Founding Fathers deserve a monument, people who helped to make America strong deserve a monument – but a monument to sin?” Graham also said the presence of such a monument only shows how far the nation has fallen from it’s Judeo-Christian beginnings, and from God.

My friends, Proverbs 14:34, says, “Righteousness exalts a nation. But, sin is a reproach to any people.” Dr. Graham’s response MUST equally be our response. To remain silent amid this egregious slap in the face of God would be complicity.

Yesterday, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas powerfully addressed the all too common “excuse” given for tepid, or no, response to these things by Christians. He soundly and directly stated that using the phrase, “Well, God is in control,” is precisely the tool the Wicked One has used/will use to keep Christians/pastors on the sidelines and out of the conflict for our national soul. “Hiding behind the excuse, “God is in control” is like leaning on a shovel while expecting a hole to appear,” said the tenured Texas Congressman. With that assessment, I couldn’t agree more. Yes, God is in control–always has been and always will be. But, that is NO excuse for inaction on the part of God’s church. No more so than expecting God to dig the hole, while we lean on our individual shovels.

My dear friends, I cannot urge us strongly enough to stand tall and speak up NOW–doing so in the strength that comes from humble, God-seeking, sin-confessing, red hot, passionate prayer for revival! There is a move afoot across the nation. Believers are beginning to “get it” with respect to our desperate plight. Determined men of God are beginning to speak with Holy Spirit conviction and fortitude.

To my fellow preachers of the word, I say, “Our congregations are crying out for passionate, purposeful, pointed preaching on the sins of our time!” Will some be offended? Always have been, always will be! Will some congregants stop by the church office with words of complaint? Always have, always will! Will some, perhaps, choose to worship elsewhere? Always have, always will! But, I’d rather deal with the chagrin of man, than the chastisement of God! I’d rather stare a troubled parishioner in the face, than have to gaze into the disappointed eyes of the One Who endured the cross and all its shame for me!

So, let’s wrap both our hands around our shovels and start digging. If what I saw this past week is any indication, I believe there are going to be some significant holes dug–for the glory of God and the cause of national revival!


Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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