Courageous Decision Brings Major National Kickback!

Since the NC General Assembly enacted and Governor Pat McCrory signed legislation last week overturning Charlotte’s “bathroom ordinance” and prohibiting all other city councils in the state from enacting similar policies, it has been open season on McCrory, the legislature, and the state.

Several governors from across the nation have refused to allow their state employees to use official funds to travel to NC. Additionally, big technology, biotech and financial companies, including the NCAA, have threatened to boycott the state in the future, if this bill is not overturned. 

Just yesterday, NC Attorney General, Roy Cooper, a Democrat who is challenging Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in the November election, unequivocally stated that he “will not defend in court the new law.” Cooper made the announcement one day after gay rights advocates sued the state seeking to overturn the law. In all candor, Roy Cooper should resign over his deliberate and defiant ignoring of the law!

Though I believe that our God will bless North Carolina because of the decision by our General Assembly and Governor, the pressure is mounting from the other side! The LGBT community is intent on negating this new bill, via any means possible. It is critical that the residents of NC stand unflinchingly with our courageous Legislature and Governor. In a day of political correctness gone mad, it is beyond refreshing to see a state legislature and governor do the right thing, refusing to succumb to the economic, political, and social pressure of the day.

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

One thought on “Courageous Decision Brings Major National Kickback!

  1. It is my job to find election workers (some jobs are paid, some volunteer) for all 80 polls in Buncombe County for the June and Nov. elections. Each of our 100 county Republican parties has the same job to do. If you could find a way to encourage parishioners to call their county Republican party to sign up to volunteer, it would be of great help state-wide and influence tens of thousands of votes.

    When I worked outside the polls handing out literature for candidates, especially down ballot people like council of state and judges, I influenced many voters each hour I was there. Most people know who they like for President, but not who the conservative judges or best local candidates are, for instance. If Progressives are the only ones working outside the polls, they will have the influence over votes cast. Your county needs YOU to be there.
    Please find out how you can help involve church goers (not in the church’s name itself, of course) to help us get out the vote and get out the poll workers. There is a list of legal dos and don’ts for churches at as well as ideas for ways to get individual people of all ages involved. Please walk the talk. And pray.

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