Christian Passivity In The Face Of Evil? I Think NOT!

On a recent “Stand In The Gap” radio program, our guests included former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Jim O’Bryon.  His insights, along with those of Pastor Jeremy Lundmark, were profound!

As part of the discussion, we delved into the tragic misunderstanding of Scripture by many who would advocate that the response to ISIS and/or Islamic terrorism should be “Christian passivity.”  As Sam Rohrer stated so succinctly, “That misunderstanding is based on an unawareness of God’s role for government!”  In Romans 13, the stated purpose of civil government is “the praise of good and the punishment of evil” (Romans 13: 3-4).

Recently, I also engaged in a small Facebook debate over this very issue.  My “opponent” with respect to this issue claimed that the appropriate response by Christians to the evil perpetrated in Paris, France over the weekend should be “love.”  On the PERSONAL, level that is to be our response!  However, on the GOVERNMENTAL level, that response would be ludicrous!  It is the intent of the God Who created government that quick, exacting, and deliberate action be taken against those (i.e. Islamists or any evil element) who perpetrate acts of pure evil!  To advocate “love” toward acts of national evil is not only UNLOVING (especially toward the victims of said acts), it is a wholesale rejection of God’s purpose of government in the first place!

Perhaps the syrupy softness that describes so much of modern Christianity relative to evil is due, in at least part, to the gross lack of preaching on God’s institution of civil government.  Of course, there are other theological abnormalities that factor into the mix.  But, the stunning lack of understanding relative to government–its purpose and jurisdiction–can be unfortunately laid at the doorstep of the pulpit!

May God grant us a generation of preachers who will, without fear or favor, declare the whole council of God–including and especially the Biblical role of government!  If God’s men would honestly, fearlessly, directly, and Scripturally address this topic, God’s people could be spared the confusion so vehemently, and erroneously, espoused by my Facebook friend!

As my pastor remarked recently, there are now fundamental truths of the Scripture that are being foolishly and unnecessarily debated!  Tragically, there are unwitting hearts and minds that fall prey to the error so arrogantly proclaimed by men who, in actuality, are nothing more than false teachers–those the books of Peter and Jude warn about in the last days!  So, “Rise up, Oh men of God!  Have done with lesser things!  Give heart and soul and mind and strength to serve the King of kings!  Rise up, Oh men of God!  The church for you doth wait!  Her strength is unequal to her task, so rise up and make her great!”

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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