A Tale Of Two Men — Coach And Congressman!

If you are observing the news at all today, you will know that Bremerton High School football coach, Joe Kennedy, is back in the news and back in hot water!  The school district superintendent has issued a three page letter telling Coach Kennedy, in essence, “take a knee and you’re fired!”

It was two Friday nights ago that Coach Kennedy calmly walked to the 50 yard line (as he’d done for 7 years) to kneel and thank his God for safety for his players, good competition, and a nation that afford it’s citizens the blessings of liberty!  However, when he did that at the Bremerton High School homecoming game, he did so in sacred defiance of a district superintendent’s order NOT to!  Stating that he would follow the dictates of his conscience, Coach Joe defied the order and dropped to one knee at the end of the game.  Like something from a “made for TV movie,” Coach Kennedy was joined by members of his team, the opposing team, and supportive fans!  As fireworks punctuated the night sky, the controversial coach and his “congregation” of followers bowed to collectively express gratitude to the God of heaven, who makes ALL thing, including a sporting event, possible!

Now the Bremerton School District has decided to play hardball!  In response, Joe’s legal team (Liberty Institute of Texas) has initiated legal proceedings against the school district in behalf of “Coach Joe!”

Incredibly moving is the video from last weekend’s game that shows an overwhelming response from players, family members and fans to Coach Joe’s kneeling prayer.  As the soft-spoken coach kneels, he is joined by members of his team, and the opposing team, who place their hands on the coach’s shoulders.  As he rises from his knee, players spontaneously embrace the beloved coach in expressions of appreciation and approval!  This is what athletics should be about–learning from a coach who is the model of virtue, integrity, courage and commitment!!!  That this man could face loss of his job is, in itself, criminal!

I urge you to contact the Bremerton High School office with your expressions of support of Coach Kennedy!  You may do so by calling 360-473-0800!  Coach Joe is standing for OUR liberties, and doing so with incredible Christian fortitude and grace!

One final item.  One of my dear friends, Congressman Paul Broun (former GA Congressman) is facing an incredible attack from his own party for his courageous stand while in office.  While not at liberty to express all the details here, he did call me today to request that we pray for him and his complete exoneration and deliverance from this diabolically evil attack!  Please join with me in bombarding heaven in behalf of this courageous brother!!!

May God grant that we may be men and women of His Kingdom–so courageously dedicated that when we get up in the morning, the Devil says, “Oh no!  He’s/she’s up!”

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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