Department of Justice to Monitor Christian “Hate Groups!” — Our Response?

This Wednesday, John Carlin, the Department of Justice’s Assistant Attorney General spoke at an event sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center and George Washington University, at which he announced the creation of a new position within the Justice Department that will coordinate the fight against domestic terrorism, reflecting a “renewed and long-overdue focus on violent homegrown extremism.”

And, just who are those “violent homegrown extremists?”  Not Jihadist entities who lop off the heads of those with whom they disagree!  Oh, no, not them at all!  No, the “extremism” to which this new Justice Department entity will give it’s energies is the American Family Association, Family Research Council and FOX News!!!  Writing in support of the DOJ’s decision to implement this new position for combating homegrown terror, Hrafnkell Haraldsson, of Politicus USA, stated, “Domestic terrorism is a national security threat. The government understands this, and the American people must understand it. Unfortunately, Fox News and other right wing organizations, including hate groups like the American Family Association and Family Research Council, spread the idea that the government is the enemy – hardly surprising given that the federal government is our last line of defense against the domestic terrorism they have played such a prominent part in spawning.”

In case you don’t understand where this is all going, let me say it succinctly!  There is now a paid position within the Obama Department of Justice that will be monitoring Christian, conservative groups like FRC, AFA, and ANY organization that stands where God stands on the issues of human sexuality, the sacredness of life, and against organizations like Planned Parenthood. Additionally, this new position will seek to reign in the venue of social media–an avenue, in the minds of Obama and his minions, where “hate dialogue” occurs.  As Brian Fischer of AFA stated, “Disagreement is not hatred, and the truth is not hate speech. Somebody needs to tell that to the president!”

Let me be perfectly clear!  If you post something over social media (such as this article) that is in opposition to Obama and his rabidly radical agenda, you run the risk of facing the full fury of the Obama DOJ!  So, pastors, that about which we have been issuing solemn warnings MAY soon be coming your way–the arrest, indictment, conviction and ultimately the prosecution of Christians for our “out of touch”, “hateful”, “disparaging”, “antiquated” positions that are drawn from the Holy Bible!  The move toward such criminalization of Christianity has picked up it’s pace DRAMATICALLY in the last few months, since the decision on same-sex marriage at the High Court!

So, my dear pastor/preacher friends, what MUST we do?  Unequivocally I say that we MUST proclaim fearlessly the whole council of God!  We MUST courageously (without regarding the faces of those weak, uninformed, and carefree members of our congregations) educate our people on what is coming, if we do not experience revival soon! And, we must lead our people to engage in the battle for truth! That involves the forming of teams within our church families who will stay informed relative to the moral, yea Biblical, issues of the day, while, more importantly, staying on their knees before God’s throne–petitioning our Great God for REVIVAL!  The time for anemic, spineless Christianity is past–both in pulpit and pew!  The time for a bare-knuckled, sinew-laden, manly form of Christianity is upon us!  By saying that, I do NOT mean brash, bombastic, stupidity!  I love the way Aubrey Andelin described Christian manhood in his book, “Man Of Steel And Velvet!”  God’s men absolutely must be men of “velvet”–sensitive to the needs of his family and the hurting! We’ve had an incessant emphasis on this characteristic for quite some time.  But, what is missing, and desperately needed NOW, are men (especially God’s preachers) of STEEL–a backbone that won’t bend, a passionate heart that will not be quenched, and a voice that refuses to be silenced relative to God’s truth!  Oh, for a generation of men, especially preachers, like that!

I’ve committed to being just such a man and preacher!  I am pleading with my dear preachers friends to become the same!  Together, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, we can stem the tide, turn the tables, and see righteousness once again exalted in our land!  And, to those who would write to demean me for this clarion call, I say lovingly, but directly, you are wrong to believe that WE cannot set the sails for a move of God!  God’s preachers certainly CAN do so!  That is the reason for which we have been called! So, let’s stop languishing in despair, cease hiding behind an imbalanced emphasis on the “Sovereignty of God”, roll up our sleeves and ENGAGE!  Our Sovereign King will do as He always has–empower us for that which He most desires–a revival of righteousness in the land!!!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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