Join Us At A “We Stand With God” Rally On October 17th

WHAT: “We Stand with God” rally

WHERE: Halifax Mall, (300 N. Salisbury Street near the NC State House), Raleigh, NC

WHEN: Saturday, October 17th, 1-3PM

WHO: Concerned Christians who want their voices to be heard

WHY:  Because of the times…


Churches across North Carolina are rallying together on Saturday October 17th 2015 in support of Biblical marriage and our religious liberties.  We are calling upon all Bible believing Christians to gather on the Halifax Mall near the North Carolina State House at 300 N. Salisbury Street in Raleigh, NC that Saturday from 1-3PM.

Voters in thirty-six states voted in favor of constitutionally defining marriage by the Biblical, traditional standard of one man and one woman.  But in its recent decision, the US Supreme Court decided to violate the U.S. Constitution and the state constitutions of every respective state that voted for traditional marriage.

As citizens and patriots we cannot support nor obey the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage.  The repercussions of this decision will have far reaching negative effects on the religious liberties of churches, Christian ministries and individuals in the days to come.

The written constitutions and bylaws of each individual church will NOT prevent government from overstepping its bounds and violating our religious liberties if the Church of the living God does not arise.

The purpose of “We Stand with God” is to encourage and empower God-fearing citizens to stand in this evil day.

Timing is critical.  Come stand with us as “We Stand with God” on Saturday, October 17th on the Halifax Mall near the North Carolina State House.

A rally promotional flyer for printing and distribution can be downloaded at:


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