ISIS Turns Pediatric!

“ISIS is eyeing a different kind of explosion to expand its caliphate in the Middle East and into the future: A population boom that the black-clad jihadist army’s leaders believe will ensure the next generation of blood-soaked believers.”  That is the opening sentence in a report released today on FOX News website.

The population boom to which they are referring is a push for pregnancies within the ISIS controlled areas of Iraq and Syria. “ISIS believes the more people they can create in their image the better, and those born into violent ideology are usually the most committed to the course of their life”, says the Foreign Policy Research Institute.  To underscore their goal, ISIS is tweeting images of sleeping babies in cribs, alongside guns, grenades and the ominous ISIS logo.

This “Jihad by population growth” approach is something I’ve been warning about for almost seven years!  Worldwide, birth rates are down.  According to most reports, the current birth rate in the United States is just over 2 children per American family.  The birth rate for those within the Islamic community worldwide is 8 children per Muslim family.  When the murder of almost 60 million U. S. children via abortion is factored into the equation, one can easily see that we have contributed significantly to what COULD be the Islamic takeover of the United States via this stealth population  jihad.

In all candor, the church’s passivity toward the murder of the unborn is stunning by itself!  However, when one realizes the goal of Islam to populate the world with it’s adherents, it is impossible for me to understand how God’s church can remain silent relative to this issue!  As Dr. David Jeremiah said last week, “It’s time for the re-born to stand up for the unborn!”  With that I wholeheartedly agree!  One of my dear friends stated recently, “I am tired of hearing of the next church social, or senior citizen trip, when the most innocent among us are being horrifically murdered with virtually NO response from us!”  Tragically, he is spot on!  Is church fellowship not important?  Of course, it is!  But, I fear that far too often we are doing nothing more than providing numbing entertainment to a church that is basically asleep when it comes to cultural impact!  If that is what we’ve become, we are in a troubling place!  If, however, God’s church can be presented the truth, and led into cultural engagement, then there is great hope!

May the spirit of spiritual slumber that has engulfed us be replaced with a spiritual alertness and vigor–alertness toward the evil that surrounds us, and energetic vitality in applying God’s word directly toward that evil via aggressive ministry to people who’ve bought into the lies of the Wicked One!  An engaged church that loves people enough to proclaim the truth, while lovingly reaching out to them with a Scriptural alternative to their sinful lifestyles, is what God desires, and is that which God will ultimately bless!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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