Oregon Shooting/Obama’s Unbelievable Response/Dr. David Jeremiah Nails It!!

Thursday, a tragedy once again occurred in America!  Once again, as has been the case several times in the last several years, a rural all-American town’s serenity was torn apart by an act of unspeakable violence!

While my heart and prayers go out to the residents of the beautiful town that is Roseburg, Oregon, my anger is reserved, not only for a godless shooter, but for our “President” who wasted NO time turning the tragedy into a political opportunity for establishing more gun laws.  In addition to practicing selective outrage, Obama was completely dishonest in stating that states with the strongest gun laws have the least gun violence.  What an outrageous lie that was!!  Even Obama’s own home town (Chicago), with its abundance of restrictive gun laws, is off the charts with gun-related crime. There is NO way that more expansive gun laws would EVER prevent an act like occurred yesterday!

No, Barack Obama feigned his outrage in an effort to further dismantle the United States Constitution!  Surely, freedom-loving Americans see through the deceptions that freely come from the lips of our “Commander-In-Chief!”

To illustrate his practice of never allowing a good tragedy to go to waste, Obama scheduled yesterday’s press event to “express his condolences to the families of Roseburg.”  Yet, he spent almost the entire event condemning America’s love of the 2nd Amendment, and resultant refusal (up to this point) to allow ANYONE to rob us of it’s protective power!

In all honesty, I was angered as I watched him speak!  His condescending manner and arrogant, self-absorbed gaze is becoming almost impossible for me to watch!  Then, yesterday at the UN, the President of Australia, without mentioning him specifically, referenced his traitorous actions relative to the Iranian Nuclear Deal.  It’s stunning when a foreign leader can see what too many American citizens cannot!

Today, at the morning chapel at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, TN, I heard Dr. David Jeremiah nail it with respect to what is the needed commodity in America–Christians who will “Stand UP!”  Modeling what ALL pastors/preachers should be doing, Dr. Jeremiah spoke with directness and courage relative to the American moral slide that is being facilitated, yea led, by our very immoral, self-absorbed, lying President!  In essence, Dr. Jeremiah said, “If we won’t stand up and push back, as did Daniel of old, NOW, then we never will!”  If we are not going to be outraged by the horrific murder of precious little, unborn lives NOW, then we never will!  If we, as pastors, cannot/will not speak God’s unequivocal truth without fearing some in our congregations NOW, then we never will!

So, may ALL God’s people STAND UP and SPEAK UP!  This is our moment to do so, empowered by the Holy Spirit!  Fear, that masquerades as “caution” is not/will not be an excuse!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

One thought on “Oregon Shooting/Obama’s Unbelievable Response/Dr. David Jeremiah Nails It!!

  1. Amen!
    Precious brother, may the Heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ give you unending courage and love as you stand for Him.
    Be strong.. Please pray for me that I will be overwhelmed by His Holy Spirit to follow Him and to hear His Voice..

    May the Lord be forever honored and praised.

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