Kim Davis and Ben Carson–American Heroes!

Wednesday night on Megyn Kelly’s program, Kim Davis presented her reasons for why she would not/cannot not allow her name to be on marriage licenses for same-sex couples in Kentucky.  One thing was abundantly clear, she has non-negotiable Biblical beliefs that are the direct result of a life-changing encounter she has had with Jesus Christ!

Though her opponents have attacked on almost every level (her appearance, her husband’s appearance, etc.), Kim’s attitude toward her detractors remains constant–an attitude of love, grace, and genuine concern.  Tragically, those who oppose her have not been nearly so gracious!

What Megyn Kelly failed to stress Wednesday night, during her interview with the same-sex couple at the center of this ongoing controversy, is the fact that this couple came to Davis’ office with cameras in tow to film the confrontation they hoped would result!  Additionally, this same couple has incessantly called for the removal of Kim Davis because of her firmly held beliefs!  What happens over the next 24 to 36 hours will tell the tale for Kim and her future.  Whether she returns to jail, or not, is unknown at this point!  What is NOT in question is Kim’s unequivocal commitment to Christ and His clearly revealed word, as well as her commitment to handle herself with Christian fortitude and grace!

Between the Kim Davis issue and the controversy surrounding Dr. Ben Carson’s Muslim comments, it is crystal clear that both the Christian faith and U.S. Constitution are under direct attack!  That which was once considered a given (the Judeo-Christian foundation of our nation and the authority of the U.S. Constitution) is now no longer so!  We have extreme left leaning individuals and Muslim, Shariah Law committed entities who are DAILY challenging the future of both!  The question is, “What will freedom-loving, committed Christians do to protect and promote our Constitutional liberty?” Are we as committed as Kim Davis to doing the right thing, no matter the cost?  Unfortunately, far too many are not!

Wednesday night, Sean Hannity had a brief segment on his program illustrating how thoroughly committed the Islamic community is to the supremacy of Shariah Law over the United States Constitution. One interviewee said this.  “In an entirely Muslim country, Shariah Law is the law, but in the United States it is the Constitution.” The problem with that comment is this!  If Islam EVER gains a majority in America, then the Constitution will be usurped by Shariah Law, just as has occurred in EVERY country where Islam has become dominant!  I can already hear some ill-informed individuals saying, “Well, then we have nothing to worry about!  Islam will NEVER become the majority here!”  In that, they are DEAD WRONG! Unless something changes soon, Islam’s advance will continue at it’s already dizzying rate, till the last vestiges of Christianity are eradicated!

So, it is imperative that the truth be clearly and consistently communicated relative to the threat we face!  Thankfully, there are men like Ben Carson, and others, who are drawing the necessary attention to the issue!  If courageous preachers will stand up and speak, then there is great potential for God to use their voices to reverse the dangerous and diabolical “change” that we’ve been undergoing the last seven years!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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