Syrian Refugees — To Accept, Or Not?

Over the last few days, I’ve become increasingly troubled by what my eyes have seen and my ears have heard relative to the “Syrian Refugee Crisis.”  As images of starving children and desperate families have inundated our minds via the incessant reporting, my heart has been moved by two things.  One, the plight of genuine Christians in the Middle East, who are dying for their faith, is horrific.  That which ISIS entities are doing to them is unconscionable and inhuman!  Our hearts SHOULD go out to them, and WE (Christians, Christian organizations, and the U.S. Gov’t) MUST do something about it!  Two, what if the Obama administration’s apparent interest in helping Syrian refugees is illegitimate, and nothing more than an attempt at accomplishing one of the two forms of Islamic take-over of a country?  Call me conspiratorial!  I’ll opt for being “professionally suspicious!”  What cannot be accomplished through the VIOLENT JIHAD, can be more successfully done via the STEALTH JIHAD!

The basis of my thinking goes like this.  The inconsistency of this administration is on vivid display!  Just for a moment, think about the ideology of a president, and his cronies, who have NO problem, at all, with the horrific killing of the unborn, the senseless and insensitive selling of their body parts for profit, and the demonizing of ANYONE who even suggests the defunding of Planned Parenthood!  Does it make sense that they would legitimately and genuinely care for the plight of refugees?  If they care little, or not at all, for the MOST innocent, why would they care for refugees?

No, I fear something else is up!  Follow my reasoning, if you will.  President Obama led the retreat and removal of U.S. forces from Iraq, and the region, the absence of which has resulted in the formation of this horrific entity called ISIS (or as the President says, ISIL).  Then, the President promises swift and direct involvement in “degrading” that damnable entity–not destroying them, but merely “degrading”.  Not until he is pressed on his use of language does he begin using the words “degrade and destroy.”  At that point, he begins purposeless air strikes which accomplish nothing of substance.  $42 million dollars is then spent on the training of Syrian soldiers to defeat ISIS–all that money being spent on what we now know is only 9 soldiers!

Are you seeing a scenario developing here?  Once things reach a crisis point in Syria (because of ISIS’s bloody sweep across the region), the President begins pushing–for “humanitarian” reasons–the acceptance into this country thousands of those fleeing Syrians.  Never mind the fact that most of those “fleeing” are males of fighting age and we have in place NO verifiable way of determining who they really are, or what their REAL motives might be for coming here!  Then, incessant “reports” are conducted by complicit media, who capitalize/depend on the kindness of the American people, even Christians and Christian organizations, to insure that we (the American populace) are sufficiently conditioned to accept these “needy” people!

Add to my suspicious nature the fact that I am hearing from my contacts that we are ALREADY accepting as many as 200,000 refugees annually, and you begin to understand why I have serious doubts as to the legitimacy of Obama’s motivations!  No, what we are watching with this “Syrian Refugee Crisis” may be the cleverly concocted strategy of Islam and Islamic-friendly entities (i.e. Obama and company) for the infusion of jihadist entities into this country who could enter no other way!!!  Incidentally, my concerns are echoed by very high level friends who are in the know!

Now, don’t misunderstand!  There may well be legitimate refugee needs!  But, until we can VERIFY, we are fools to blindly allow, much less invite, these people into our country!!!  Additionally, even if some are legitimate, what of their health status?  What might we be inviting in as far as new diseases?  What are the protocols for preventing/dealing with an outbreak of catastrophic proportions?

On Monday, Rouhani of Iran claimed that the chants we are hearing of “death to America” refers to our policies, not to people!  What?  Run that by me again!!  So, Iran, with whom our President wants to commit us via his unconstitutional “Executive Agreement”, expects us to understand and accept the fact that they want to destroy our policies, not our people!  And we’re supposed to be OK with that?  Give me a break!!!  Anyone who would buy into that line of argument needs counseling for mental illness!!!

The simple fact is, Iran is what it has always been since the deposing of the Shah in the 70’s!  They are a terrorist state, run by rabidly committed religious zealots, who want NOTHING less than the eradication of America and the extermination of Israel!!!!  The question is, why are our leaders so “ignorant” of the above stated components?  If they are NOT ignorant (and I believe they aren’t), then only one other option is available–they are complicit with those who desire our destruction!  That makes the choice for our next leader INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT–one that demands the wisdom of God and the necessary addressing of God’s preachers!

I am thankful for men of honesty and wisdom, like Dr. Ben Carson, who is courageously willing to call Islam what it is–a threat to our American, and certainly Christian, way of life!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)
Co-host, Stand In The Gap Radio

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