Iran Nuclear Deal — A Prophetic Component Of Ezekiel 38!

Yesterday’s announcement by the White House that a “deal” has been struck with Iran should cause Bible-believing Christians to sit on the edge of their seats.  According to Ezekiel 38, Iran, along with a plethora of other prominent nations will move against Israel.  The timing of this is after Israel has been regathered into her land (Ezekiel 38:8)–something that occurred in May of 1948.

This war will be like no other, as it will set into motion a series of phenomenal events that will impact Israel and the world.  Though God will ultimately destroy those invading nations, the effect on Israel will be dramatic.  The two chapters in the Scriptures specifically set aside to warn of this impending war are Ezekiel 38 and 39.  Tragically, when this battle occurs, the United States is unwilling or unable to come to Israel’s aid.

A decade ago, I could not have legitimately imagined how America could not/would not come to the aid of Israel.  NOW, I no longer wonder about how that can happen.  The deliberate and dramatic way in which Barack Obama is severing our relationship with Israel is unprecedented! While giving Iran EVERYTHING it wanted, he has left America in a weakened position and Israel INCREDIBLY vulnerable!

My friends, in the spirit of the Anti-Christ, our President is advancing an agenda that comes directly from the Wicked One himself!  Whether knowingly, or unknowingly, our President is a tool in the hand of Satan–an implement to accomplish his anti-God, anti-Christ purposes!  At this pivotal time, it is imperative that God’s preachers declare unflinchingly God’s truth relative to these phenomenal events and how they play into the grand prophetic scheme!  Fear of doing so must NEVER be an option!  Now is the moment for God’s men and God’s church to speak with clarity and stand with conviction!  Never has the time been better for clear, concise communication of the life-changing, eternity-altering gospel of Jesus Christ!

I am thankful for some on Capitol Hill (like Senator Tom Cotton) who are drawing MUCH NEEDED attention to the horrible nature of this Iranian Nuclear Deal.  It is my prayer that, as details continue to emerge, this deal will be soundly and thoroughly rejected by the American people, and hence the Congress of the United States.  The next 60 days of review by Congress will be critical! Let’s pray for a fresh dose of sanity in the hearts and minds of those we’ve elected to represent us!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)

2 thoughts on “Iran Nuclear Deal — A Prophetic Component Of Ezekiel 38!

  1. Thank you sir, you are so right. I will keep praying for America and Israel. I have heard you preach several times at Community Baptist Church, in Newport NC

  2. Please pray that our school,CAMP DAVID GREEN ACADEMY will grow to become an international Christian school and one of the top centres of academic excellence in Kenya.

    Waiting upon the Lord.

    God bless you!

    Nicholas Nganga

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