Supreme Court Decision And Civil Disobedience!

Last night on FOX News’ Sean Hannity program, Pastor Robert Jeffress (Pastor, First Baptist Church of Dallas, TX) was as animated as I’ve ever seen him as he spoke of the path ahead for all believers in Jesus Christ.  Said Pastor Jeffress, “We will not be intimidated by the liberal left, President Obama, or the Supreme Court of the United States!”  Pastor Jeffress’ comments came in the midst of a discussion on what will be the future of First Amendment liberty for Christians, whose beliefs are diametrically opposed to degenerative societal norms.

Additionally, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, when asked whether the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage necessitates “civil disobedience” said, “I see no other way!”  In all candor, I completely agree!  As a preacher who has already made his decision, I am prepared to practice civil disobedience and to experience the persecution and/or incarceration for my “firmly held beliefs” relative to the topic of homosexuality!

The reasons for my unequivocal stance on this is two-fold.  First, to comply with the Supreme Court’s errant decision on same-sex marriage would be completely antithetical with the Scriptures teaching on the topic.  On something as fundamentally basic as what constitutes marriage, I MUST obey God rather than man (or any man-made institution)!  Second, I believe that disobedience to the High Court’s damnable decision is constitutionally consistent. According to the 10th Amendment, the powers not granted to the (federal) government by the constitution are reserved to the states, or to the people!  When the federal government (i.e. the Court) steps out of it’s constitutionally prescribed position of authority, that same government should EXPECT kickback from authority on the state level!  It is this precise thought that is motivating Texas Governor Greg Abbott to stand so clearly, powerfully and aggressively against the High Court decision!  In essence, he has said to the Supreme Court, “thanks, but no thanks!”  “We, in Texas, have both legislation and an amendment that defines marriage for our state!”  So, it is obligatory that the Texas Governor fulfill his oath of office, to protect and defend the Texas constitution.  I pray that other state leaders will be equally committed and forceful in their response to Friday’s decision!

So, the decision rendered on Friday is NOT the final word on this issue!  A constitutional crisis (states authority vs. federal authority) looms on the near horizon–one that has the potential to eclipse the divisiveness of the Civil War!  May God grant us (those of us who stand where God stands on this issue) His wisdom to know the path ahead, and the courage to accept the consequences!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)

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