In America’s Public Schools!

The Lebanon, Pennsylvania public school district has done what would NEVER be tolerated with the Christian faith!  Their unbelievable action?  They held an all day training session on Islam and Arabic culture that included a comparison-contrast of U.S.-Arab education, as well as a visit to a local mosque to learn more about the Islamic religion – and to join in the congregation’s prayer service.  All of this was done on the tax-payers’ dime!  The training session was led by Mohammed Omar, a case worker for the Department of Human Services in Philadelphia.

“We have so many students from different Hispanic countries, but slowly but surely the Arabic population is growing,” Omar said! “With Hispanics you have the language differences and certainly cultural differences, but there are similarities in their religious practices. Of course, the Arab language and the religion are very much different, but we are learning that there are also many similarities.”  Almost 50 teachers and administrators removed their shoes and mingled with congregants at a local mosque as part of the “training.”

Can you honestly imagine such a thing occurring relative to the Christian faith?  Of course not!  No, the supposed “wall of separation between church and state” MUST be maintained with respect to Christianity.  But, not so with Islam!  In addition to the complete reversal of our Founders’ intent with the First Amendment (to protect the church from state intrusion, not vice versa), this “training day” at the mosque is a VERY clear example of the favored status that has been granted Islam in America!  It also exposes the incredible influence of Islam’s adherents within the United States!

One of the teachers who attended the Islamic day, Lara Book, said, “Basically, although our cultures are different, the fundamentals of them are similar and we all want the same things, happiness for our families, health, and success. Although we might go about finding those things in our lives differently, from a cultural standpoint, we all want the same thing.”

You will note the twice-repeated statement by Mrs. Book that “we (non-Muslims and Muslims) all want the same thing!”  This is one of the oft-repeated lies perpetrated by Islamists.  In all actuality, we (Christians and Muslims) DO NOT all want the same thing!  We (Christians) want to peacefully evangelize our world, sharing with ALL people the salvation that is available in Christ!  Islam desires to rule by the sword, implementing Islamic Shariah Law–law that is totally and completely incompatible with not only Christianity, but also a Constitutional republic!

So, the question that needs an answer is, “Why are these pro-Islam events being tolerated, yea encouraged?”  The answer, again, lies in the growing “Islamization” of American culture–an influence that absolutely MUST be stopped by direct, dynamic and deliberate declaration of the TRUTH!  That truth MUST come primarily from the lips of God’s preachers, who, armed with the Word of God and a thorough knowledge of Islam’s evils, are willing to be courageous in their message!

Apart from a revolution in the pulpit, there will never be a revival in the pew!  Apart from preachers with courageous hearts (and lips), there will never be church members with the same!  So, men of God, once again, we face a critical decision!  Will we be what God wants us to be?  Will we act as our Savior would have us act?  Will we be influencers of culture, or those who are influenced by it?  Rather than being a thermometer, that simply reflects the changes occurring within our world, may we be thermostats, who purposefully and powerfully change our world by faithfully and fervently living, and declaring, the TRUTH of God without fear!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)

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