In Support of Dr. Franklin Graham’s Comments!

On March 13th, Dr. Franklin Graham posted comments on Facebook that has unfortunately and unnecessarily inflamed parts of the “Christian” community.  In the post, Dr. Graham stated that the problem of police shootings across America could be instantly solved, if parents (whether Hispanic, Black, Caucasian) would simply teach their children “to obey authority.”  That simple, Biblical comment has resulted in a brewing firestorm from those religious leaders who describe themselves as “progressive.”

In their attack, these leaders have accused Graham of being everything from “insensitive” to “paternalistic”, as well as furthering the growing divide between “brothers and sisters in Christ” by his refusal to acknowledge the injustice committed against the African-American community by police.  In all actuality, it is not Graham who is increasing this divide.  It is those with an escalating racial ax to grind who are creating the problem.

All Graham did was convey the over-arching concept presented in Scripture, that submission toward, and obedience to, authority is an obligation, yea a command.  That command is repeated numerous times throughout Holy Scripture.  To suggest that black teens should NOT comply with a white officer’s instructions, but rather practice “civil disobedience” (as is the clear intimation of the progressive leaders) is completely contrary to the teachings of Scripture and detrimental to a civil society!

Additionally, Graham spoke directly to President Obama in his post, stating that submission to police authority is something that America’s youth desperately need to hear from the Commander-In-Chief!  Tragically, rather than convey that clear message, the President has done the complete opposite.  At every turn, Obama has fostered racial division and fueled the fires of rebellion against authority – be that police authority or Constitutional authority!

Thanks to my friend, Dr. Mark Creech of the North Carolina Christian Action League (a ministry worthy of your prayers and financial support), who brought this entire situation to my attention.  I cannot remain silent!  I simply cannot sit back and allow my dear brother and fellow committed follower of Christ and His Word, Franklin Graham, to be maligned and criticized by a group of ministers whose motivations appear to be advancing a false racial narrative, rather than a sincere commitment to Biblical truth!

So, I state, unequivocally, my support for Dr. Franklin Graham and his correct assessment of the problem.  He is, without a doubt, dead on in his statement that America’s youth desperately need to learn obedience to authority!  As one who travels the nation and the world, speaking to numerous groups of young people, I can wholeheartedly state that contemporary youth are NOT being taught what I was taught – that you obey the instructions of an authority figure, be that figure a coach, teacher, parent, or police officer!!!

One last point needs to be made.  The Scriptures clearly state that the closer we move toward the end of this age, the  more rampant “lawlessness” will become.  All of that advances, and hastens, the arrival of the “Lawless One”, the anti-Christ.  Without knowing it, these progressive leaders are playing into the hands of the Wicked One in their misplaced blaming of Franklin Graham.  To put it bluntly, Dr. Graham is NOT THE PROBLEM!  His comments, though contrary to political correctness, are the answer to the problem!

An official statement by the American Pastors Network in support of Dr. Graham is forthcoming!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)


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