Today is Purim


The biblical day of celebration recorded in the Book of Esther commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people from the threat annihilation, ironically but not coincidentally, from the ancient Iranians!  Has anything changed?

The prime minister of Persia (ancient Iran), Haman, was determined to commit genocide and destroy all the Jews throughout the vast Persian empire.  The spirit that motivated Haman is just as alive, cunning and murderous today as it was then!

The leaders of modern day Persia, which is Iran, are determined to destroy all the Jews in the world today.

Like Mordecai, only days ago, Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel, told the USA and the world about the wicked plot of this modern day Haman, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his equally wicked band of fanatical ministers.

This modern day Haman is far more dangerous than his ancient counterpart as nuclear weapons are far more lethal than swords.

But back then King Ahasuerus, who was the only one who could do anything to stop Haman, acted immediately to prevent the intended genocide as soon as Queen Esther told him about the wicked intentions of his Prime Minister Haman.

But not only has our modern King, President Hussein Obama, closed his ears to our modern Mordecai, but he, not unlike Queen Vashti who refused to come before King Ahasuerus, refused to come to the citadel to hear Mordecai!

He refuses to use his position and power to stop Ayatollah Ali Hamen Khamenei from acquiring the terrifying nuclear weapons which will enable him to attempt to annihilate the Jews!

Yes!  He would not even come and listen to modern day Mordecai when he appealed for help in the citadel of Congress!

He not only withheld his golden scepter (an invitation to the White House) but instead tried to discredit modern day Mordecai and commanded his ministers to neither honor nor listen to him either!

Our modern day Mordecai, Benjamin Netanyahu, like his counterpart Mordecai thousands of years ago, brought a warning that there is a very real plot underway to annihilate his people, not unlike the same plot of genocide Queen Esther revealed to King Ahasuerus!

However, Netanyahu could not travel to Iran to speak to the Ayatollah, the King of modern Persia, because this King, unlike King Ahasuerus, is just like Haman.  In fact, he is Haman!

He came instead to speak to the representatives of the freedom loving and tyrant fighting American people because we, like King Ahasuerus (according to our Constitution) have the legal authority and power to do something about the plot of “this wicked modern day Haman!”

Since President Hussein Obama will do little to stop the diabolical plot of this modern day Haman, our modern day Mordecai is hoping the people of the USA will, so he spoke to our direct representatives in our citadel, the Congress.

It is beyond tragic our President does not know that he, like Esther, “has come into the kingdom” for such a time as this!

Let us pray this plot, like the plot of Haman ages ago, will also come back upon the heads of our enemies as it did in the book of Esther, which is read today in synagogues throughout the world!

I suggest you read the Book of Esther today and ask God to show you the similarities between what happened then and what is happening now before our very eyes.

 This article was written by Jeff Bernstein on behalf of Gates of Zion

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