The Tragic State Of The Church — Maintaining Mediocrity!

In a little over a month, America’s best ally in the world, Benjamin Netanyahu, will visit the United States to address a joint session of Congress.  The reason for his visit is to underscore the treacherous nature of Iran and it’s growing global nuclear threat.  Invited by House Speaker John Boehner (a gutsy and much appreciated move), Netanyahu will NOT get any individualized face time with President Obama.

Though the President has time to donate to the silly, sluty, ridiculous Glozell Green (the infamous Youtube personality to whom Obama gave an interview yesterday), who most recently ate cereal from a bath tub filled with milk while sitting in that same tub, he has no time for our greatest friend on the planet!

If one were to think that this latest snub of the Israeli Prime Minister by our President is an accident, I urge you to think again.  Benjamin Netanyahu has been repeatedly ignored, shamed and scorned by Obama–most recently in the form of graphic and totally offensive language from top staffers within the White House.  In spite of all of this, Netanyahu has remained resolute in his support of America and the American President, despite the fact that he knows how Obama really feels.

While Israel and Netanyahu are increasing marginalized by the current administration, Islamic entities are increasingly embraced!  Despite the obvious Islamic nature of EVERY terror attack across the globe, Obama still refuses to call the threat with it is!  This rabid adherence to “political correctness” and Islamic friendliness will absolutely be our undoing as a nation–if unchecked!

Below is a link to a phenomenal video interview conducted by Dale Hurd of CBN News.  I strongly urge you to watch it!  The horrific murders in Paris a few weeks back were no accident!  They were but the natural result of a nation that refused to see, say, and do anything about an emerging enemy from within!  That same enemy is now within the United States!!  Unless, and until, we are willing to address this threat in clear, unequivocal language, we stand absolutely no chance of defeating our greatest spiritual and national security threat!

After watching the brief clip, understand that this enemy is antithetical to biblical truth and our constitutional way of life!!!  There is NO WAY that this enemy can peacefully coexist with our American way of life!  Those who believe otherwise are mere pawns in a grand and glorious deception perpetuated by the Great Deceiver himself!

In response, two things must occur.  One, we must ramp up our domestic and global declaration of the gospel!  The only lasting solution to this enemy is God’s life-changing message of Christ and His love!  Second, we MUST be willing (as preachers and laymen) to clearly speak truth–biblically and constitutionally!  Gone are the days of fear-ridden passivity from America’s pulpits and pews!  No, we must lovingly (primarily love for our Lord and His word, as well as for a doomed people deceived by a false ideology) and DIRECTLY speak the truth!  Pulpits must be willing to draw direct attention to the enemy we face in the form of this diabolical ideology.  Fearing the faces of deceived and distracted parishioners must not cause the God-called man to shrink back from his duty!  No, now is the time for a genuine and manly form of Christianity to once again emerge–a Christianity that, if practiced and perpetuated, will result in a vast and mighty move of God across the nation!

Tragically, we’ve sunk deep into a creeping slumber that desires to merely maintain mediocrity, when God longs to display His awesome power through yielded, obedient, passionate people.  I don’t know about you, but I hear the voice of our Great God calling us to vibrant, vigilant, visceral, and vocal declaration of God’s truth!  So, may we submit ourselves joyfully to that monumental task, thanking our Lord for allowing us the privilege of being “laborers together with Him!”

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready for battle!

Dave Kistler
President, HOPE Ministries International
President, North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN)

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