U.S. Supreme Court Puts a Hold on Same-Sex Marriage in VA

Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court delayed the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling striking down the Virgina same-sex marriage ban.

Because North Carolina falls under the jurisdiction of the Fourth Circuit Court, their ruling foretells what they might do on cases that challenge the constitutionality of our Marriage Amendment.

We strongly believe that the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that voters in individual states like North Carolina and Virginia have the right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, as has been done in 31 states which have passed Marriage Amendments similar to ours.

It is not totally clear whether the four lawsuits that are pending in federal district courts in North Carolina will be stayed by this ruling.  Our Attorney General Roy Cooper has indicated that he will not ask for a stay in these cases and that he is not going to defend our Marriage Amendment.  For a state’s top law enforcement officer to declare that he will NOT defend that state’s laws is an egregious violation of his sworn duty and is cause for removal from office!

Pray that our leaders will have the courage and conviction that is necessary to defend God’s institution of marriage, which neither courts nor elected officials have the right to re-define.


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