Major Religious Freedom Victory!

Yesterday, after months of waiting, the United States Supreme Court issued it’s ruling on Christian company Hobby Lobby.  In a 5 to 4 decision, the High Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and it’s contention that providing certain forms of contraception (i.e. those that are abortive) is against it’s religious convictions.

The ruling, in actuality, is a very narrow one.  It allows “small” companies, like the family-owned Hobby Lobby, to be exempt from the Obamacare mandate to provide contraceptive services.  By “small” the High Court does not mean small in revenues generated or number of people in employment.  Rather, “small” refers to the corporate structure of the said company.  What today’s decision did NOT do is answer the question of religious charities such as Catholic hospitals and other religious institutions.  What yesterday’s decision DID do is exempt, in addition to small businesses, churches and religious organizations whose primary purpose is the “spreading of the faith.”

So, yesterday’s decision, though limited, was a major one!  It comes on the heels of last week’s abortion clinic ruling that deemed as unconstitutional the prohibition of pro-life counselors–keeping them at least 35 feet away form abortion providers.  In other words, the last two weeks have been blessed ones relative to religious liberty!  God has been good and has answered the diligent and desperate prayers of His people.  So, all is not lost and ground can be regained!  Let’s cling more closely to our Wonderful Lord, seeking His face for a growing cascade of additional victories and a genuine, national revival!

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