NCPN is Coming Near You

Morgantown, N.C.—The newly formed North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN, and its affiliate organization, the American Pastors Network (APN,, announced a statewide initiative to inform North Carolina pastors of the mission and vision of NCPN, encourage them to form area chapters to mobilize and support local pastors, and advise them of critical issues facing the state and nation.

The three-day initiative, which will take place from May 27-29, includes eight regional meetings at churches across the state.

“The North Carolina Pastors Network exists for the purpose of encouraging pastors to speak the truth boldly so they can equip their congregations to be salt and light in our culture,” said NCPN President Dave Kistler. “We live in a society in which many churches reject the authority of Scripture and instead seek to please congregants with messages that validate their choices, regardless of what those choices may be. Far from engaging the culture, too many churches try to assimilate into the culture.

“Our prayer is that the network we are building through NCPN will bring together biblically faithful pastors who will courageously speak truth on biblical, social, and policy issues, with the result that thousands of biblically minded believers across the state will step out and impact the culture for Christ.”

NCPN will also be joined by several partners including Bobbie Meyer from Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, Dr. Mark Creech from the Christian Action League, Tami Fitzgerald from the North Carolina Values Coalition, John Rustin from the North Carolina Family Policy Council and Randy Wilson from Watchmen on the Wall (Family Research Council). Each of these partners will present timely and important messages to North Carolina pastors.


5 thoughts on “NCPN is Coming Near You

  1. Great site! Would to GOD that our country was filled with men of GOD like those involved in this.

    Thank you Brother Dave,
    Brother Rick

    1. Daniel –

      I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. The events were not recorded. I do not find you in our database. I would like to add you to the NCPN database so that you can receive our weekly newsletters. Would that be OK with you? If so, please tell me if you’re a pastor and what church you pastor. If you aren’t a pastor, tell me what church you attend. I would also like you phone number – one of our future projects is creating a text alert message system so that we can contact people when something urgent comes up that affects us. My name is Betty Cotton, and I’m the secretary for the NCPN. You can email me at


  2. How do I coordinate with others in my area. I want to be actively involved in Yadkin County.

    1. Keith –

      Sorry for the late reply. I have made a note in our database about your desire to be actively involved in Yadkin County. We are in the process of encouraging pastors to develop county groups, which is where you would plug in. It takes a while to get something like this going. I will try to keep you posted.

      Betty Cotton
      NCPN Secretary

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